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5 Fun Eco-Friendly Garden Ideas for Kids

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the annual winter hibernation is finally over! If you have young kids, go outside and teach them about our natural environment while having fun creating an eco-friendly and sustainable garden. 

There’s nothing that kids enjoy more than getting their little hands dirty, so let them help you with planting flowers and growing herbs and veggies. Since their attention span can be limited, try and keep each project quite short. 

Here are five ideas for creating an eco-friendly and sustainable garden with your kids.


Use leftover food waste (excluding meat and bones) and turn it into nutrient-rich compost to help protect plants against diseases, reducing the need to use chemical fertilizers and the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 

Kids can add their own food waste directly from the kitchen to the compost bin. These include eggshells, fruit and vegetable scraps and peelings. When the compost is ready for use in the garden, point out the worms and insects busy at work breaking down the waste that they have added.

Image by Ben Kerckx (Pixabay)

Avoid using a plastic bin if possible and opt for sustainable wood instead. There are handy online guides to assist in making a compost bin. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need expert help. Keep reading to find out more. 😉 


Growing fresh herbs and veggies is very satisfying, especially when you see and taste the result. Research what to plant during each season and which plant combinations work best together. Allow your child to choose a variety of seeds that will sprout at different times and kit them out with their own little watering can and garden tools.

Image by Filip Urban (Unsplash)

Create a miniature garden by planting seedlings in egg cartons and once they are ready to transplant, have a wooden planter or suitable spot ready in your garden. Show them when and how to water their seedlings. Paint little wooden signs with a picture of each plant so that your child knows what they have planted in each space. 


Attracting birds to your garden has many benefits. Not only is the sweet sound of birdsong lovely to hear, but birds are also wonderful pollinators while helping to get rid of slugs and snails that may be feasting on your newly planted herbs and veggies. Planting local indigenous plants suited to the area you live in also helps to attract birds to your garden. 

Image by Joshua J. Cotten (Unsplash)

Let your child refill the bird feeder with bird seeds, fruit and vegetable seeds or dried fruits, and water. Keep a look out for the different types of birds that visit your garden. No clue how to build a bird feeder? Me neither, but don’t worry because the solution will be revealed soon.


Planting flowers that are colourful and vibrant will attract bees and butterflies, turning your garden into a pollinator-friendly haven for these highly endangered species. Bees love nectar and pollen-rich plants such as sunflowers, lavender and rosemary, while butterflies are fans of daisies, impatiens and Cape honeysuckle. Have fun planting different flower varieties with your child and teach them the important part that bees and butterflies play in our ecosystem. Avoid toxic pesticides, opting for greener pest control methods. 

Image by Sandy Millar (Unsplash)


Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a wooden bench or little stools and a table placed in a quiet, shady spot. This is perfect for when your little one has had enough of getting their hands dirty and wants a snack. Sit quietly as you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in the peaceful sanctuary you and your child have created. 

Image by Ian Kelsall (Pixabay)


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